• Xergi is a leading supplier of advanced turnkey biogas plants with more than 30 years of experience.

    We specialize in large-scale plants, with any mix of feedstock, including food waste, straw, manure incl. chicken manure, deep litter, crop residue, industrial organic waste etc.

    Watch our corporate video for a quick introduction to our company.

  • Tully Biogas Plant, Ballymena, N. Ireland

    3 MWe biogas plant based 100 % on chicken litter. 

  • Nature Energy

    In this video technical director, Hans Henrik Dahl Andersen, about the process with the construction of the plants Holsted, Midtfyn and Nordfyn.

    The plants are based on co-digestion and the digestate is spread on nearby fields.

  • Willen Biogas

    In 2016 Xergi delivered a 1.5 MWe biogas plant to Willen Biogas near London. In this video managing director Adrian Williams tells about the project process.

  • Methelec, France

    Farmer Jean-Sébastien Lhospitalier tells about their biogas plant near Clermont Ferrand in central France.

  • Adour Méthanisation

    Owner Xavier Labat tells about his biogas plant based on industrial waste, sludge and slurry and his cooperation with Xergi. 

  • Staples Vegetables

    Biogas plant based on vegetables
    Construction: 2009-10, extension to double capacity 2012
    Capacity: 2 x 4,000 m3
    Engine: Jenbacher 3 MWel

    Owner of Staples Vegetables, Vernon Read, tells about their experiences with their first biogas plant

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  • Barkip

    Biogas plant based on organic waste
    Construction: 2010-11
    Capacity: 2 x 3,500 m3
    Engine: 2.2 MWe

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  • Tiper Méthanisation, France

    Biogas plant based on manure, dung, category 2 and 3 industrial waste and straw
    Construction: 2012
    Capacity: 12,500 m3 (primary and secondary digesters)
    Engine: Jenbacher 2,200 MWe


    Meta-Bio Energies, France


  • X-chopper®

    Pretreatment of challenging biomasses in biogas plants

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