Biogas is the circular economy's first great opportunity

No plant can grow without phosphorus, and the world's phosphorus mines will be emptied within the foreseeable future. It is thus nothing short of essential that we work on achieving a circular economy, where nutrients are maintained in the cycle. The EU commission has come up with an action plan that is aimed at making it easier for biogas plants to undertake this important task. 

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Old wives’ tale becomes reality

In 2013, Xergi constructed the biogas plant Brogas on the Swedish island of Gotland. Since spring 2014, the plant has seen a stable, high level of production, and set the record in October with more than 215,000 cubic metres of methane.

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Flexible design is crucial to anaerobic digestion of waste

The waste recycling industry will be facing changes in the future streams of food waste coming into the industry. To meet this great challenge, Xergi has developed a flexible design for anaerobic digestion of organic waste.

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Hometown BioEnergy receives important American award

Xergi has designed the biogas plant Hometown BioEnergy which was one of three recipients of the "Municipal Biogas Project of the Year 2015" award from American Biogas Council. The plant is one of the largest municipal biogas facilities in the USA so far.

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Exploit your waste heat and save money

The exploitation of excess heat from electricity production is often what is needed to make the business case more attractive for many biogas projects. In addition to traditional space heating, the heat can be used for many other purposes, including the drying of biomass, industrial process heating – or the heat can be converted into chilled water in a cooling plant. Xergi has built biogas plants with all these methods of application.

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X-chopper® in operation in USA

Xergi has just commissioned the first X-chopper® in the USA. In Europe, the technology is used primarily for breaking down deep litter, but in the biogas plant Hometown Bioenergy in Minnesota, the unit will pretreat by-products from the production of canned sweetcorn.

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