Biogas paves the way for waste handling in Europe

Europe is focused heavily on improving its handling of waste and ensuring the best use of both energy and nutrients in food waste, not only from ordinary households but also from supermarkets and industry. Biogas technology paves the way for an effective use of the resources found in waste.

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X-chopper® treats 140 tonnes of deep litter a day

For nearly a year, Xergi's new X-chopper® has treated 140 tonnes of deep litter a day at the French biogas plant Tiper Méthanisation. High uptime, low maintenance and fewer problems with stones are among the positive operating experiences with X-chopper®, which is also operating at Vegger Biogas in North Jutland.

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New biogas plant makes France more self-sufficient

The biogas plant from Xergi converts manure and organic waste into green energy and fertiliser. This is good news for the climate, environment and economy.

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More biogas from household waste for Swedish vehicles

The green profile of Stockholm's transport sector will increase significantly as Xergi delivers a new biogas plant to Scandinavian Biogas Fuels. The plant will deliver 8 million cubic metres of biomethane.

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Food waste from London turns into green energy and fertilizer

Willen Biogas has appointed Xergi to build and operate its new 27,000 tpa waste to energy plant in Enfield, North London. The Plant will generate renewable electricity for the grid and recycle nutrients from organic waste matter to make agricultural fertilizer.

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Xergi boosts Danish biogas production

Three new Danish biogas plants will treat more than one million tons of manure and waste. From 2015 the plants will send more than 30 million cubic metres of biomethane into the Danish natural gas grid. Xergi will supply the turnkey biogas plants that provide greener agriculture, transport and industry in Denmark.

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