Get more biogas with X-chopper®

Many biogas plants in Europe need to get more dry matter into the digester in order to make a profit. Furthermore, a number of biogas plants are looking for alternatives to maize silage.

Therefore, Xergi has developed the X-chopper®, which makes it possible to use multiple types of solid biomasses and thus get more gas out of the biogas plants. Xergi is now offering the X-chopper® to the international market.

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Xergi lands large export order in France

A long-term marketing strategy and a strong technological development of Xergi's biogas concept have ensured the continued growth of the company's position in the international biogas industry.

This has recently resulted in a new order to build France's largest biogas plant to date based on waste products from agriculture and the food industry.

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New biogas plant for poultry manure

UK-based company Tamar Energy and Xergi creates new opportunities for increased biogas production in the UK.

On 20 March 2014 the Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change, The Rt Hon Greg Barker MP attended the official opening of the new biogas plant in Retford, Nottinghamshire. This is the first plant in the UK with Xergi’s patented pre-treatment technology NiX® which allows anaerobic digestion of large quantities of poultry manure.

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Xergi to supply the first large-scale biogas plant since the improvement of the Danish biogas tariffs

The biogas and district heating plant Vegger, located in the North of Denmark, has hired Xergi to quadruple capacity at its biogas plant and supply a ground-breaking technology for the pretreatment of feedstocks.

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Xergi signs large biogas contracts in the United Kingdom

UK-based company Tamar Energy has ambitious plans to build a network of more than 40 new biogas plants by 2018. Xergi has signed agreements to supply two of its first biogas plants.

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Using waste from wine and cheese production

The Marnay Energie biogas plant is to help agriculture and the food industry in Central France to increase the value of their production.

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