Building biogas plant according to new standard concept

Xergi is building a new biogas plant on the Swedish island of Gotland. The plant is the first of its kind being built according to a standard concept. Its benefits include high quality and fast installation.

At the start of the summer, Xergi announced an order for a new biogas plant to be built on the Swedish island of Gotland. Construction of the plant is in full swing and the plant is expected to be ready for initial testing by 30 September.

The reason for the speed of construction is that the biogas plant is the first being built on the basis of a standard concept developed by Xergi.

- This standard concept means that the technology modules for the plant are pre-fabricated according to industrial principles. This means that we are able to reduce installation time and ensure high quality because the modules have been constructed under optimum conditions, explains Managing Director of Xergi Jørgen Ballermann.

The reactor tanks are built on site and are provided with the necessary connection points. The technology modules are then lifted into place using a crane.

- We are especially good at producing larger customised projects. To maintain our high quality levels and competitive prices on smaller projects we believe that it is necessary to standardise parts of our production. We therefore expect that our new standard concept will give Xergi an increased competitiveness on smaller biogas projects, says Jørgen Ballermann.

Running according to plan

Xergi started installing the technology modules in Sweden at the end of August. According to Xergi Project Manager Carsten Hasselgren, the system will be visually complete on 30 September.

- This means that the project is on schedule, and we anticipate that the plant will start to produce gas within 2-3 months, explains Carsten Hasselgren.

Biogas replaces heating oil

The new biogas plant on Gotland will mainly be degassing animal fertiliser and energy crops. It will also be possible to exploit organic waste products from local companies for the production of biogas.

Gas production in the plant on Gotland is expected to grow to approx. 20 GWh per year which is the equivalent of approx. 20 million litres of petrol. It will be possible to expand production to 30 GWh per year.

Biogas from the plant is to replace heating oil at Arla's dairy nearby and is to be upgraded to natural gas and used in a local gas network on Gotland.

The Swedish energy company Triventus and a group of local farmers are behind the new plant.


Managing Director Jørgen Ballermann, Xergi, telephone +45 +45 99 35 16 00,

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