Get more biogas with X-chopper®

Many biogas plants in Europe need to get more dry matter into the digester in order to make a profit. Furthermore, a number of biogas plants are looking for alternatives to maize silage.

Therefore, Xergi has developed the X-chopper®, which makes it possible to use multiple types of solid biomasses and thus get more gas out of the biogas plants. Xergi is now offering the X-chopper® to the international market.

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"There is a lot of deep litter and straw available in Europe.  The advantage by using solid manure and straw is the increased biogas production. However, there have in the past been technical issues which have prevented use of this in large scale. Therefore, we're now marketing the X-chopper®, which solves the problems with these types of biomass," explains Xergi's CEO, Jørgen Ballermann.

The X-chopper® has already been sold to biogas plants in Denmark and France, with many new plants in the pipeline to using the new technology.
"We expect that it will enable many biogas plants to produce more gas and improve their economy over the coming years," says Ballermann.

Chopping the biomass

The challenge with deep litter and straw is that straw forms a floating layer in the digester. This reduces the gas production and also increases the need to stir the digester with higher operation cost. Untreated deep litter and straw also has a higher risk of creating blockages in the biomass system.
It can also be difficult for bacteria in the digester to convert the straw into biogas.

The X-chopper® solves these problems by chopping the straw so that it can be mixed with wet biomasses. This makes it easier to pump does not form a floating layer, and is easier to digest.

A simple and robust solution

The "X-chopper® consists of a fast rotation chain in a chamber. It's a simple and robust solution. In Denmark, the X-chopper® has now been running at a biogas plant for one year, and it has chopped up 8,000 tonnes of biomass without problems. There is no need for additional stirring, and no floating layer has been formed," explains project engineer Henrik Kjeldgaard, the man behind the development of X-chopper®.
In addition to the X-chopper®, Xergi has also developed the X-hopper®, which feeds the biomass into the X-chopper®. The biomass is transported from the X-hopper® to the X-chopper® and onwards to Xergi's FlexFeed® module. The biomass is mixed and heated in the FlexFeed® module before being pumped into the digester.

Many practical advantages

The X-chopper® has been designed to make it easy to replace spare parts such as chains and chain links. It's easy to install and clean. Vibrations are monitored to ensure against imbalance.

Many types of biomass

In addition to solid manure and straw, the X-chopper® can also chop hay, grass, turnips and vegetable waste.

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CEO Jørgen Ballermann, tel. +45 99 35 16 00,
Project Engineer Henrik Kjeldgaard, tel. +45 99 35 16 00,

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