Need for biogas greater than ever

Growing uncertainty about our more traditional energy sources is increasing demand for sustainable energy, not least biogas. New international newsletter from Xergi to disseminate ideas and inspiration across national borders.

In a world in which the uncertainty surrounding traditional energy sources seems greater than ever, there is a growing demand for sustainable energy.

This applies not least to biogas, which can also help solve a number of other problems.

Apart from reducing fossil fuel consumption, the use of animal manure and other organic material to produce biogas means that waste products are being converted into energy in the form of electricity, heating and cooling. Putting organic waste to a useful purpose is, among other things, one of the objectives of the EU waste strategy.

At the same time, biogas production is helping to minimise agriculture's otherwise quite significant emission of greenhouse gasses and also to reduce agricultural emissions of surplus nutrient substances into the aquatic environment.

With global population expected to increase from about 7 billion people in 2011 to 9.2 billion by 2050, there is a pressing need to develop solutions which can reduce the impact of agriculture on the environment and help us utilise our planet's finite resources more efficiently. Biogas technology is an important aspect of these solutions.

The scenario described here forms the background for the launch of Xergi's new international newsletter, in which we will not only provide news from our own universe but also disseminate ideas, inspiration and know-how about biogas to an international audience.

The electronic newsletter will be published six times a year in English, French and Danish. At Xergi we hope that the newsletter can be our modest contribution to putting biogas on the international agenda and promote the technology which can resolve a large number of challenges at one fell swoop!

To learn more about biogas, please contact:

CEO Jørgen Ballermann, Xergi, +45 96351600,

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