New biogas plant makes France more self-sufficient

The biogas plant from Xergi converts manure and organic waste into green energy and fertiliser. This is good news for the climate, environment and economy.

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A new biogas plant is now on the way in the village of Ennezat near Clermont Ferrand in central France. This will be another step towards making France more self-sufficient in both renewable energy and environmentally friendly fertiliser. 
The plant is owned by the farmer Jean-Sébastien Lhospitalier who initiated the project and energy company Groupe LANGA. 
"We chose Xergi because the company has recognised know-how in biogas technology, especially when it comes to treating many different types of biomass," says Jean-Sébastien Lhospitalier who has worked diligently on the project for more than seven years. 
The biogas plant will treat manure, deep litter and organic residues from the food industry. The plant not only helps in the production of renewable energy in the form of biogas converted into electricity and heat. It also improves the quality of the manure and it recycles the nutrients in the organic waste. This makes it possible to replace imported chemical fertilisers with domestically produced green fertiliser. 
Therefore the project is good for the climate, the environment and the French economy, which will be less dependent on imported gas and fertilisers.
A serious company
The biogas plant will have the latest and most efficient biogas technology, developed by Xergi based on 30 years of experience building biogas plants in France, the UK, Germany, Denmark, the USA and several other countries. 
"Biogas allows us to expand our portfolio of activities," says Vincent Canu, head of LANGA's biogas projects. He describes Xergi as a serious company. 
"We wanted to see several biogas plants that had been operating for several years with the same types of feedstock that we would be using at the Méthelec plant. Xergi was fully able to show us this and we have visited a number of biogas plants in both Denmark and France. Xergi also presented its working method, which has only reinforced our decision," says Vincent Canu.
Franco-Danish tandem
At Xergi's French subsidiary they are also very pleased with the new order for the Méthelec plant.
"We are obviously proud that LANGA Solution and Jean-Sébastien Lhospitalier have shown great confidence in us. The team responsible for carrying out the project consists of both Danish and French employees. The Franco-Danish tandem ensures that the project will benefit from the experience that Xergi has built up in France, but also from our many years of experience on the international markets," says Guillaume Loir, director of Xergi's French subsidiary.
Success in France
For several years Xergi has focused on developing the French market and so CEO Jørgen Ballermann has welcomed the Méthelec project.
"With Méthelec, Xergi has built French biogas plants with a total capacity of 11 MW of electricity, making France one of our key markets. Xergi is very solid financially, which customers prioritise in a financially difficult period. At the same time, we have a strong technology that ensures efficient biogas production and high flexibility in the choice of biomass for customers," is how Jørgen Ballermann explains Xergi's success in France. 
"The Méthelec project has contributed to the effective strengthening of French biogas production and I expect that it may pave the way for new and exciting projects for Xergi, both in France and on the international market," says Jørgen Ballermann.
Facts: The Méthelec project 
Jean-Sébastien Lhospitalier, farmer
Groupe LANGA
Xergi is a leading European specialist in biogas plants that can handle many types of biomass. The company has built biogas plants with a total capacity of more than 80 MW of power in Europe and the US.
Slurry, deep litter and organic waste from the food industry. 37,000 tonnes per year.
Production capacity: 
1.56 MW of electricity
Excess heat is used to heat livestock houses and to dry agricultural products
2 x Gasmax® primary biogas digesters, 1 secondary digester
X-hopper® for receiving deep litter
X-chopper® for the pre-treatment of biomass
Flexfeed® for heating, mixing and dispensing biomass
For further information, please contact:
Jørgen Ballermann CEO, Xergi – tel.: +45 9935 16 00 – e-mail: 
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