Old wives’ tale becomes reality

In 2013, Xergi constructed the biogas plant Brogas on the Swedish island of Gotland. Since spring 2014, the plant has seen a stable, high level of production, and set the record in October with more than 215,000 cubic metres of methane.

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“We have exceeded the limit of 200,000 cubic metres of methane for three months now – a dream limit, which two years ago was almost an old wives’ tale. Then we beat the record in October!”
This was the excited announcement from Erik Löfgren, operations and maintenance manager at Brogas in an email to Xergi, which delivered a biogas plant to the Swedish biogas company on the island of Gotland in 2013. 
Included in the delivery was a production guarantee that the plant would be able to produce a minimum of 5950 cubic metres of methane per day – assuming that the biogas digester was supplied with the organic material as planned, and that operations personnel handled operations and maintenance as Xergi had prescribed. 
Stable, high production
“After the start-up period, it was decided in spring 2014 to purchase an extra FLEXFEED® feeding module in order to have greater flexibility in terms of the biomass being added to the plant. Since then, the plant has had a stable and high production,” says Jørgen Drejer Jeppesen, operations and maintenance manager at Xergi. 
Since April 2014, Brogas has systematically produced more gas than the 5950 cubic metres methane per day specified in the production guarantee. 
“Over the past three months, production has remained stable and high, with an average of 6593 cubic metres of methane being produced per day, which is almost 11 percent higher than the guarantee, and in October the figure rose to more than 7000 cubic metres. This is a result of a general trimming at the plant, and Brogas has been skilled in purchasing biomass, ensuring operations run smoothly and in avoiding accidents, so it has gone wonderfully. We can confirm that the old wives’ tale has become a reality,” said a very happy Jørgen Drejer Jeppesen.
Adapted production and deployment
Brogas has also been adept at adapting production and deployment of the gas.
“It so happens that the biogas plant has a very restricted store. If the customers, for one reason or another, cannot take the gas, we have to burn away the gas using a flare system. This has almost never happened,” says Jeppesen.
Some of the gas is distributed to a local Arla dairy, and some of it to a local filling station where it is used in buses and cars. 
Planning to expand
Satisfaction with the biogas plant is so great that Brogas is currently planning to expand the plant with a new digester system. 
For more information, contact:
CEO Jørgen Ballermann, tel: +45 99351600, jba@xergi.com
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