Quality assurance of new French biogas plant

Xergi has now started commissioning of the biogas plant that is to be supplied to META-BIO Energies in France. Good quality assurance and treatment of many different types of biomass in the same plant attracts interest in the French market.

Xergi has now started testing the new biogas plant that the company is to supply to META-BIO Energies in the town of Bel-Air de Combré in western France.

"We have experienced a really positive construction process and are on schedule. We are now testing the plant's technical installations, and it won't be long before we will be filling up the digester tank with the first batch of biomass," says Guillaume Loir from Xergi's French subsidiary.

"We check the quality of all installations, e.g. pumps, pipes, heating systems and automatic control system," he explains.

Xergi expects that the first biomass will be added to the plant at the beginning of July. To ensure optimum start-up of the biogas system a feeding plan prepared by Xergi's employees at the research centre in Foulum in Denmark is being used.

It is anticipated that the CHP plant will be in operation in August.

Effective quality assurance

According to Guillaume Loir, one of Xergi's strengths is that the company has an effective quality assurance system in place.

"Although the META-BIO Energies plant is not yet in operation, it has given us the opportunity to show the French market that our approach to building biogas plants is very professional. We have shown that we are able to complete an efficient construction process with our French partners and that our plant is in perfect compliance with French legislation," says Guillaume Loir.

The quality assurance system is based on Xergi's more than 20 years' experience with biogas.

"We combine our wide-ranging experience with a solid anchoring in the French market via Xergi SAS. This means that we are able to supply high-quality solutions adapted to French conditions," he says.

Increased French interest in the Xergi concept

On this basis, the project for META-BIO Energies has already contributed to increasing interest in Xergi in the French market.

"We are experiencing that the French market is very interested in our technology because it is based on the Danish tradition for using many different types of biomass in the same biogas plant."

The new French biogas plant will process solid biomass, liquid biomass and grease. The plant will be processing 23,000 tons of biomass a year and has the capacity to produce 1 MW of electricity.

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