Health, safety, environment and quality assurance in biogas plant construction

A management system is helping Xergi to increase its already high ratings in quality assurance, health, safety and environment. Xergi currently has a higher rating than average for all suppliers on the Achilles register.

A year ago, Xergi significantly increased its rating with the company Achilles which helps large companies identify and track the best suppliers in a number of markets.

"Now Xergi's progress continues with an improved score in the three areas that Achilles rates," explains Jørgen Drejer Jeppesen, Quality Manager of Xergi's Turnkey Division.

With its new rating, Xergi scores above the average for all suppliers on the Achilles register. This applies to each of the three main areas of Health & Safety, Environment and Quality.

Risk assessment and quality control

"It has been important for us and our clients that our quality assurance is not just something we do on paper, but something we emphasise in practice both in our internal design phase and on site when we are constructing our new biogas plants - and when we hand over a project to the client," says Jørgen Drejer Jeppesen.

This means that there is a wide range of very specific circumstances that have to be in order on site.

"Employees must carry out proper risk and method assessments and descriptions before a job can be commenced - be it in the design or construction phase."

Both in the design and project phases, the environmental aspects of the technology and methods employed and the subsequent environmental impact of the plant must be taken into consideration.

"On the quality side, it is all about carrying out quality control of the work that has been completed before and during construction, regardless of whether we are talking about foundations, machinery, pipe systems or electrical installations," he explains.

Better documentation

But it is not enough to carry things out in practice. Employees need to document their tasks so that the Achilles' on-site auditors are able to see that they have been completed correctly.

"In this context, our introduction of the Improve management system a few years ago has had a positive impact on our rising score. Over the past year, we have done a great deal to develop the system with an increased focus on Health & Safety and Environment which has made it much easier for our employees to document their work so that it can be included in the Achilles rating," says Jørgen Drejer Jeppesen.

Achilles scores 2012 (maximum = 100)


Health & Safety



Management Systems Evaluation - Xergi




Average Management Systems Evaluation - all suppliers




Site score - Xergi, Milton Keynes CHP1




Average site scores - all suppliers





As can be seen from the table above, Xergi's score is well above average in all areas.

For further information, please contact Jørgen Drejer Jeppesen,, tlf. 99 35 16 00.


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