Xergi awarded high rating in the UK

The recent audit of a biogas project in Scotland has led to solid progress in Xergi's rating with Achilles, which helps purchasers at major companies identify the right suppliers.

Since 2010, Xergi in the UK has been certified with Achilles, an industry recognised auditor and database which helps large companies identify and monitor the best suppliers on a number of different markets.

At an audit in February 2011, Achilles raised Xergi's rating significantly. The improved rating is the result of a survey of the work performed by Xergi at the Barkip biogas plant, which Xergi is currently preparing for operations near the town of Beith, west of Glasgow in Scotland.

"Achilles reviews their ratings every year by investigating suppliers' activities in the market. Achilles rates Xergi's entire quality management system every second year. On 1 February, we received a visit at our biogas project in Scotland and we were subsequently extremely pleased to report that things went very well," explains Jørgen Drejer Jeppesen, who is responsible for the Achilles certification at Xergi.

Quality, environment, health and safety

When Achilles rates a supplier, the company is assessed in three areas. These are the Quality Management System, the Environmental Management System, and the Health and Safety Management System.

"For example, Achilles will audit how employees are notified of quality management procedures and how they are informed about the company's safety policies. The survey results in a performance rating awarded as a percentage," explains Jørgen Drejer Jeppesen.

The biogas plant in Scotland is being built for the Scottish power generator , Scottish and Southern Energy. The plant, which is expected to start operations later this year, will process 80,000 tons organic waste a year and produce 2MW of green electricity.


The objective of Achilles' visit to the Barkip biogas plant was to investigate if Xergi meets the Achilles requirements in practice. The audit resulted in the following rating:

•Health & SafetyManagement: 85.4%
•Environmental Management: 76.4%
•Quality Management: 90.9%

In fact, the Xergi score in the February audit was above the average for all companies registered with Achilles for Health & Safety and Quality Management, and at the average level for Environmental Management. "We see this as satisfactory, seen in the light that we have only been certified under the Achilles system for one year," says Jørgen Drejer Jeppesen.

At the beginning of 2010, Xergi was certified by Achilles as a supplier to utilities companies with activities relating to pipeline construction, underground cable laying (incl. excavation & reinstatement) - 1 kV to 19 kV, energy supply plant installation & operation services, technical consultancy and control & instrumentation services.

Used by leading companies

"We are of course very pleased with the rating, as it demonstrates to companies that we are a well-qualified supplier for their projects," explains Jørgen Drejer Jeppesen.

The Achilles supplier databases are primarily used by large companies.

"A developer looking to establish a biogas plant may determine that the supplier must be registered at Achilles. Some companies also require an Achilles rating as a supplier criterion when they send projects out to tender. Companies can also search the databases by country to locate potential Achilles-rated suppliers, and then send the tender documents to them. Achilles certification means that we have all these opportunities open to us," Jørgen Drejer Jeppesen observes.

There are 55,000 companies in the Achilles supplier database. 700 companies are registered as purchasers - and of these 60 are among the global Fortune 500 companies. Achilles operates in 22 countries.

To read more about Achilles, go to: www.achilles.com

To learn more about Xergi's certification at Achilles; please contact Jørgen Drejer Jeppesen, +45 99351600, jdj@xergi.com

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