Xergi's international strategy bears fruit

Xergi consolidates its strategy by signing a contract with the French company TIPER Méthanisation to set up a biogas plant near the town of Thouars in western France.

The new plant has a total value of approximately EUR 15 million including development and financial costs. Every year the plant will process 60,000 tonnes of liquid manure and solid animal manure as well as 20,000 tonnes of meat and vegetable waste. The gas will be used as fuel in two gas engines producing electricity and heat.

"We are proud of having won the contract for a project that is currently among the largest in France. It is also satisfactory that we have defined an international strategy that is now starting to bear fruit in terms of new orders," says Xergi's Managing Director Jørgen Ballermann.

Xergi's international strategy focuses on the United Kingdom and France. The company has set up a subsidiary in France which has worked the market for several years and adapted the company's biogas concept to French conditions - in terms of technical standards, French biomass types, customer and authority requirements and legislation.

"We realised our first order in France in 2011 - now followed by the TIPER project. This means that we are well on our way to consolidating our position in France which is one of the European markets with positive biogas industry growth," says Jørgen Ballermann.

Xergi is to manage the construction of the new biogas plant and will also handle its operations once it is complete. The company has more than 25 years' experience in setting up biogas plants, and Jørgen Ballermann says that TIPER is a strong project.

"Biogas plants usually produce electricity in gas engines. It is a great advantage if earnings can be supplemented by income from the sale of hot water or steam from the cooling of the engines. This will be the case at TIPER Méthanisation which is what makes it a solid project," says Jørgen Ballermann.

The electricity will be distributed via the grid. Hot water and steam from the cooling of the gas engines will be used partly for internal production processes in the biogas plant and partly for industrial processes in nearby businesses.

The construction of the biogas plant has already started, and the plant is expected to be commissioned at the beginning of 2013.

For further information please contact:

Jørgen Ballermann, jba@xergi.com, tel: +45 99 35 16 00

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