Xergi to supply the first large-scale biogas plant since the improvement of the Danish biogas tariffs

The biogas and district heating plant Vegger, located in the North of Denmark, has hired Xergi to quadruple capacity at its biogas plant and supply a ground-breaking technology for the pretreatment of feedstocks.

Xergi is to realise a quadrupling of the capacity at Vegger's biogas plant in the North of Denmark. This means that Xergi has been given the task of completing its first large-scale biogas project in Denmark since politicians decided to increase support for biogas in 2012.

"After having prepared a ready and waiting Danish market through a decade, we are pleased to finally get started on our first large-scale project on our home market. We hope that the realisation of the project in Vegger can contribute to strengthening the development of several other Danish biogas projects, which we are currently working on," says Xergi's CEO, Jørgen Ballermann.

While the Danish market has been subdued, Xergi has supplied a number of biogas plants in the UK, France, Sweden and the US. This has provided the opportunity to continue developing the company's technology, which can also be seen in the biogas plant in Vegger.

The delivery includes a ground-breaking technology by the name of X-chopper, which makes it possible to produce significant amounts of gas from deep litter, a mixture of animal waste and straw.
The X-chopper breaks down the deep litter into small parts. This allows the deep litter to be mixed much more effectively with the other biomass in the biogas plant, as well as making it much easier for it to be digested in the plant, thus enabling the high gas potential in the deep litter to be exploited.

At Vegger the agreement with Xergi has been greeted with great satisfaction.
"The existing plant is 27 years old and worn, so there is a need for a thorough renovation. The expansion of the biogas plant is vital for the biogas plant financially, as the higher rate of production improves profitability. At the same time, we have great expectations for the X-chopper, which gives us new opportunities for delivering energy-retaining biomass to the plant," says chairman of the board, Tommy Trads Jensen from Vegger.

The considerable increase in production capacity was one of the requirements of an agreement on the delivery of biogas to the neighbouring Arla Foods dairy in Bislev. Some of the gas will continue to be used at Vegger, which supplies central heating to the town of Vegger and sells electricity via the electrical grid.
"Up until now we have reduced production during the summer, when there is less need for heating in the town. With the order to Arla Foods, we have the opportunity to utilise the plant's capacity all year round and thereby bring it up to optimal production," says Tommy Trads Jensen from Vegger.

In addition to the X-chopper, Xergi is to supply a 4,000 m3 primary digester, as well as a 3,000 m3 secondary digester. The existing 1,000 m3 digester will continue to be used. It is not only deep litter that will be digested at the plant: a large amount of slurry from livestock farming in the area, together with waste products from ARLA Foods' cheese production, will be co-digested at the plant, which is expected to produce 4 million cubic metres of gas annually.

If all goes according to plan, the new section of the plant is expected to start operations in summer 2014.

For further information, please contact:
CEO Jørgen Ballermann, Xergi A/S, tel: +45 99 35 16 00, jba@xergi.com

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