Biogas for agriculture in the UK

Barclays Bank in the United Kingdom has set up a fund of GBP 100 million for the financing of renewable energy projects for agriculture, which includes biogas projects. With the launch of its standard ENERGY FARMER® concept, Xergi is also ready to supply biogas technology to agriculture.

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Xergi signs contract with a United States municipal corporation

Xergi has signed a contract with the Minnesota Municipal Power Agency (MMPA) for the establishment of a new biogas plant in the United States. The biogas plant, Hometown BioEnergy, will be built with gas fired CHP engines with a total output of 8 MW electrical power.

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Testing facility strengthens development of biogas technologies

When Xergi launches new innovative technologies, they are not only based on 25 years of experience in the construction of biogas plants, but also thoroughly assessed in the company's testing facility. Here Xergi also tests new biogas concepts for its customers.

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France: EUR 500 million a year for biogas in 2020

France is investing heavily in biogas for electricity, heating and distribution via its natural gas grid. Increased subsidy will kick-start the French biogas market, and new projects are already in the pipeline, says Xergi in France.

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Arla Foods and Xergi progress with biogas project

Xergi cooperates with one of the world's largest dairy companies in the planning of an extensive biogas project in Denmark.

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EU considering imposition of climate conditions on farmers

New opportunities for biogas? The EU Commission wants to attach more green condition to farming subsidies. Reduction in the emission of greenhouses gasses from fertiliser may become one condition.

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