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We do not have any open positions at the moment. However, if you are looking for a job you are welcome to send us an unsolicited application. 

If you want to know more about career opportunities at Xergi in general, please contact Lene Kolind Stavad at +45 9935 1600 or email: mail@xergi.com.

Press room

You will find Xergi's press announcements and a selection of our picture archive here.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, you are welcome to contact Lene Stavad, tel. 9935 1600 or les@xergi.com.

Images can be downloaded and freely used, when Xergi is named as the source.

For press statements please contact Jørgen Ballermann, CEO, tel. 9935 1600 or jba@xergi.com.


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Press releases

June 2017: Xergi' largest biogas plant makes milk production greener. Read the press release

June 2016: Chicken litter generates green energy and new jobs in Northern Ireland. Read the press release

December 2015: Hometown BioEnergy receives important American award. Read the press release

October 2014: Food waste from London turns into green energy and fertilizer. Read the press release

March 2014: Xergi lands large export order in France. Read the press release

May 2013: Xergi signs large biogas contract in the UK. Read the press release

September 2012: Xergi gets its third order from the same client. Read the press release

August 2012: Xergi to supply new biogas plant for Bernard Matthews. Read the press release

December 2011: Xergi signs contract with a United States municipal corporation. Read the press release

July 2011: Arla Foods and Xergi progress with biogas project. Read the press release

July 2011: Xergi to supply biogas plant on Gotland. Read the press release

June 2011: Biogas plant for META-BIO Energies. Read the press release 

May 2010: Breakthrough in the Scottish AD market. Read the press release

December 2009: Biogas order for the UK. Read the press release

August 2009: Change of CEO in Xergi A/S. Read the press release

April 2009: New Cooperation Agreement with Microgy. Read the press release

August 2008: New patent results in more biogas. Read the press release

August 2007: Biogas can save the CO2 accounts of the transport sector. Read the press release

Juni 2007: Novozymes and Xergi agree to co-develop biogas microorganisms. Read the press release

September 2006: Xergi strenghtens its management. Read the press release

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