Solid ownership

ejerskab ny 2015

Xergi A/S is owned jointly by industrial conglomerate Schouw & Co. and DDH (Hedeselskabet).

Schouw & Co. ( is a Danish industrial group listed on the OMX Nordic Exchange, which over the years has invested in many different branches such as packaging, spare parts for the  agricultural sector, hydraulics, computer-controlled special effect lighting, non-woven fabrics, fish feed, biogas plants, and venture investments, as well as property and shares in wind turbines. Besides Xergi, Schouw & Co also owns the companies BioMar, Fibertex, Grene and Hydra-Grene, as well as owning shares in Incuba.

Hedeselskabet (DDH) ( is an organisation with industrial foundation status, run both as a commercial enterprise and to support new developments and innovation in the area of conservation and the environment.

Xergi's owners are both actively committed to the clean-tech business and they create a solid strategic and financial foundation on which Xergi is based.

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