Feedstock - have I got enough, and is it the right kind?

In principle, almost all types of organic waste can be treated in a biogas plant. Typically, however, manure and different types of waste are most often treated, for example from industrial food production, market gardens, and similar. In addition, energy crops can be used to strengthen the production of biogas.

The question of whether you have the adequate amounts of the right kind of feedstock requires an individual consultation.

Xergi's gas calculation model

At Xergi we use our own gas calculation tool to calculate the gas potential of the different types of feedstock.

We use this to define the size of the plant and to make suggestions as to how the feedstock is to be pre-treated before digestion.

Able to handle changes in the feedstock

Xergi's plant design can be used for different types of feedstock at the same time. This increases the biogas plant's flexibility and takes into account the possibility that the supply of feedstock can change numerous times over the plant's lifetime.

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