Flexible design

fleksibelt design

The market for biomass is constantly changing, which is why the biogas plant should be able to deal with changes of the feedstock used in the plant.

Such changes require a flexible biogas plant.

Xergi has therefore designed different modules to the feeding system so it can be adapted to handle changes in the biomass.

Easy to attach new modules

If the plant's original design is not suitable for a specific type of feedstock, it is easy to attach a new module that ensures an efficient pre-treatment of the new type of feedstock.

Likewise, it is possible to adjust the biogas plant's output of energy and digestate, should changes occur in the plant's sales.

Great demands on quality

Xergi's plants are constructed using industrially manufactured quality components, and our biogas concept is based on automated controls and monitoring of all processes.

We place great quality demands on our suppliers. All modules are operationally tested, always in such a way that quality and performance can be documented.


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