High mixing efficiency - anaerobic digester GASMAX®


Xergi biodigesters are designed based on our own unique design – the GASMAX® anaerobic digester. This is a continuous flow biogas digester, where the biomasses are continuously fed into the system. The flora inside the bacterial digester will break down the biomasses and produce methane as a result.
This type of methane digester has proven to be the most cost efficient, based on a total cost of ownership for the anaerobic digestion (AD) plant. This will provide a high biogas production, small footprint, ability to handle many types of biomasses and a competitive AD cost. 

Anaerobic digestion plant optimized 

A high performance of the anaerobic digester will require complete mixing of the biogas digester, and a precise temperature control. This will allow for the methane producing bacteria to have optimal conditions.
A key factor in an optimized biogas plant is the digester tank to have an optimal design. 

Benefits of GASMAX® biogas digester design 

The benefits of a fully mixed anaerobic digester are:
• Fresh biomass is blended with digestate already in the AD process
• It ensures an even distribution of temperature, thereby homogenising processes in the biodigester
• The formation of a 'floating layer' is prevented
• Solid sedimentation is prevented
• Gas is removed from the liquid
• The organic load limit is not exceeded
In total, this biogas digester design ensures a stable process and high gas production.

Low energy demand

GASMAX® Xergi's anaerobic digester is designed with a 1:1 height/width ration and with a central, top-hanging mixing system.
Engineering analysis as well as practical experience has shown that this design reduces the energy consumed in mixing to a minimum.
Operating an AD plant with lowest possible electricity consumption and minimized OPEX is a key factor in optimizing the total cost over the lifetime of the biogas plant.

Easy servicing

Suspension at the top of the digester tank means that the essential parts of the mixer are located outside of the digester, at the top of the tank.
This means that servicing of the mixer can be done very easy. It will not be required to open and empty the GASMAX®  digester, which will consequently lead to a significant loss of production. 
This mixing system will allow for production stops to be avoided when the engine needs to be serviced. By incorporating a biogas digester design, which is optimized for low OPEX and high performance, we are able to provide our clients with a better business case for the AD plant.

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