High mixing efficiency - anaerobic digester GASMAX®


A complete stirring of the digester tank contributes to an efficient biogas production.

The benefits of a fully mixed anaerobic digester are:

• Fresh biomass is blended with that already in the anaerobic digestion process
• It ensures an even distribution of temperature, thereby homogenising processes in the biodigester
• The formation of a 'floating layer' is prevented
• Solid sedimentation is prevented
• Gas is removed from the liquid
• The organic load limit is not exceeded

In total, this ensures a stable process and high gas production.

Low energy demand

GASMAX® Xergi's biogas digester is designed with a 1:1 height/width ration and with a central, top-hanging mixing system.

Engineering analysis as well as practical experience has shown that this design reduces the energy consumed in mixing to a minimum.

Easy servicing

Suspension at the top of the anaerobic digester tank means that the essential parts of the mixer are located outside of the digester, at the top of the tank. This means that opening the digester, and consequent loss of production, is avoided when the engine needs to be serviced.

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What kind of digester design should you choose?

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