Ideel process temperature


Using the highest possible processing temperature is an advantage in anaerobic digestion.

The methane-producing bacteria in the digester have a higher rate of activity the higher the temperature.

This makes thermophilic (48°C-55°C) biogas production more efficient, with more biogas produced at any given retention time.

Selecting the temperature in the biogas plant

Should a biogas plant always be run at thermophilic temperatures?

The optimal temperature for a biogas plant depends on the composition of the biomass used. Nitrogen content and pH value are crucial factors in selecting the optimal processing temperature.

Research in biogas production indicates that the optimal temperature for mesophilic bacteria is around 37°C and around 55°C for thermophilic bacteria.

High gas production at different temperatures  

Empirical data taken from existing biogas plants clearly shows that gas production continues steadily between the mesophilic and thermophilic phases.

This means that a high gas production can be achieved at all temperatures between 37˚C and 55˚C. 

Xergi has supplied numerous biogas digesters that run in the temperature range between 37˚C and 55˚C.

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