NiX 2018

Do you have large amounts of poultry manure?

Xergi uses the pre-treatment technology NiX® (Nitrogen Extraction) in biogas plants which require a pre-treatment of feedstock with a high nitrogen content. NiX® makes it possible to achieve a high gas yield in biogas plants which use just one type of feedstock, for example poultry manure.

25% increase in energy production

NiX® has numerous advantages:

• Nitrogen, which hampers the production of biogas, is removed from the biomass before it is fed into the digester
• The removal of nitrogen results in a 25% increase in the biogas plant's energy production
• The nitrogen is isolated as ammonium sulphate, which can be disposed of or used as commercial fertiliser
• The amount of organic material is reduced by 20% after the pre-treatment
• The biomass is sterilised so that animal by-products (category II and III waste) can be added
• The biomass is homogenised, so that it can be pumped

Biogas production on a large scale NiX® is a patented and proven technology suitable for large scale production of biogas.

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