When is biogas profitable?

Looking at the actual investment in a biogas plant, it is possible to calculate the return on the invested capital in relation to the income, the plant can generate through energy sales in the form of gas, electricity, heating, and possibly fertiliser.

In addition it is important to consider the biogas plant's positive residual effects, in that the plant can create value for its investors in many ways.

Reduce the need for artificial fertiliser

If the plant extracts gas from manure, the organic nitrogen is converted into ammonium nitrogen. The digested fertiliser is thus accepted more easily by agricultural crops, and gives a higher yield than untreated fertiliser.

This also makes it possible to save costs on using artificial fertiliser, which should be calculated into the plant's budget.

Savings on disposal costs

If industrial waste is used in the biogas plant, savings on disposal costs should also be taken into consideration.


It is also possible to factor in the value of creating green energy from manure and waste products, and thus add branding value to a business.

Also worth mentioning is that the biogas plant helps to recirculate valuable nutrients into agricultural soil, thus helping to conserve limited phosphorous resources and energy consumption for the production of synthetic nitrogen.

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