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New opportunities for biogas plants

Xergi has developed and patented the technology X-chopper®, which provides new opportunities for using biomass with a high energy content not previously treatable in a biogas plant.

X-chopper® can be used to break down materials like:

• Deep litter
• Straw
• Turnips

The advantages of pre-treating deep litter

There are a number of advantages to using X-chopper® for the pre-treatment of deep litter.

Deep litter:

• does not form a floating layer in the biodigester and mixes more effectively with the other biomasses
• makes it easier to pump through the biogas plant's piping system
• makes it easier for methane-forming bacteria to consume the biomass, thus giving a higher gas yield

Reliable solution

X-chopper® is based on a tried and tested technology that has been used in connection with the scrapping of white goods for the past decade. This means that X-chopper® is not sensitive to contaminants such as rubble, and no stoppages will occur as a result.

Complete production line

X-chopper® is part of a complete production line, consisting of X-hopper®, which receives and pre-shred the biomass and X-belt® a conveyor belt that transport the biomass into X-chopper®.

Learn more about X-chopper® by watching the video below (duration 2:34)

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