Bånlev - Denmark

Bånlev a.m.b.a. is owned by a cooperative which consists of a group of farmers.
The plant is authorized to treat 155,000 tons of biomass annually. Approx. 135,000 tons of manure is supplied by the 35-40 associated farmers, plus an additional amount of 25,000 tons of industrial waste. The plant is able to treat different kinds of biomasses such as animal manure and waste - especially slaughterhouse and industrial waste, as well as fatty residual products and glycerine.

Approx. 1000 m3 gas is generated per hour. The gas is led through the gas cleaner to the 3,000 m3 gas storage from where the plant's engine and boiler installation are supplied.

The heat produced is used for own consumption at the plant (e.g. for the feeding modules), and the surplus heat is sold to the local district heating network. All electricity is sold to the local electricity grid.

Four full-time employees take care of the daily operation. The plant is in operation 24 hours a day with an on-call service out of working hours. In case of operational problems the staff on duty is warned by an alarm sent automatically by text message to a mobile phone. Alarms can normally be handled remotely by computer link-up from the employee's home computer.

Feeding modules

Bånlev is a large plant which has 4 feeding modules with the capacity to pasteurize around 1/3 of the biomass and heating of the remaining biomass.

Biological filter

Furthermore, the plant has a biological filter installed which reduces the odour at the plant as well as the surroundings.

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