Scottish and Southern Energy, Barkip - UK

Xergi has constructed a biogas plant for one of the largest utility companies in the UK, Scottish and Southern Energy. The plant is situated in Barkip near Glasgow and converts organic waste into green energy and bio fertilizer. The plant is capable of handling 75,000 tonnes of waste per year.

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Different sources of material

The biogas plant in Barkip runs mainly on food waste such as organic household waste, supermarket waste, surplus production from the food processing industry, and manure.

The plant includes a number of reception facilities for handling different kinds of waste, including a separation facility (de-packaging unit) for household and supermarket waste which is removing inert material from the organics before being processed in the biogas plant.

Also installed is Xergi's fully automatic feeding system, FLEXFEED®, which makes it possible to make a precise feeding of different material into the system. The modules are also used as the pasteurization system in order to secure that the plant complies with the Animal By-Product regulations as well as the PAS 110 accreditation system for the bio fertilizer.

Green electricity

The organic waste streams are converted into bio fertilizer and biogas in the digesters. The biogas is converted into electricity and heat in the gas engines at the plant.

The electricity is exported to the national grid, and part of the heat is used as process heat for the plant.

Fertilizer for agriculture

The plant is installed with tanks for storing the digested material from the plant which is a valuable bio fertilizer that is sold to local farmers.

Satisfied customer

At Scottish and Southern Energy's Barkip AD plant, site manager, Jim Allan, expresses great satisfaction with the biogas plant.

"The plant has been running since 2011, and every other month Xergi inspects the plant. Furthermore, the plant has a well-functioning SCADA system, which makes it possible for Xergi's staff in Denmark to assist with any operational issue that we might have.
The service we get from Xergi is excellent", Jim Allan says.

Technical data

Gas production: 7 mill. m3
Power output: 2.2 MWe
Feeding modules: 6 x 20 m3 FLEXFEED®
Primary digesters: 2 x 3,500 m3
Secondary digesters: 2 x 3,500 m3

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