Staples Vegetables - UK

The plant is situated at the main site of one of UK's leading vegetable producers, Staples Vegetables, based near Boston in Lincolnshire. They produce a large range of vegetables for the retail industry, which results in a large amount of surplus vegetables.

By investing in the biogas plant Staples Vegetables are now able to benefit from their surplus vegetables by using it as a resource feedstock for the plant that turns it into energy and fertiliser using state of the art technologies. As an additional feedstock maize silage is added to the plant as well.

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Bånlev - Denmark

Bånlev a.m.b.a. is owned by a cooperative which consists of a group of farmers.
The plant is authorized to treat 155,000 tons of biomass annually. Approx. 135,000 tons of manure is supplied by the 35-40 associated farmers, plus an additional amount of 25,000 tons of industrial waste. The plant is able to treat different kinds of biomasses such as animal manure and waste - especially slaughterhouse and industrial waste, as well as fatty residual products and glycerine.

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Quarnbek - Germany

Built by Xergi in 2007. Biogas plant based on manure and energy crops.
Quarnbek biogas plant is situated at Quarnbek manor in Schleswig-Holstein in Northern Germany.

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Foulum - Denmark

The world's largest test plant. Established in 2007

The plant is situated at The Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Aarhus University. The plant consists of a full-scale biogas production plant and a test plant. The Faculty has livestock production and a large area for growing energy crops.

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Veendam - The Netherlands

Biogas plant with two lines and air cleaning system. Established in 2007

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