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The plant is situated at the main site of one of UK's leading vegetable producers, Staples Vegetables, based near Boston in Lincolnshire. They produce a large range of vegetables for the retail industry, which results in a large amount of surplus vegetables.

By investing in the biogas plant Staples Vegetables are now able to benefit from their surplus vegetables by using it as a resource feedstock for the plant that turns it into energy and fertiliser using state of the art technologies. As an additional feedstock maize silage is added to the plant as well.

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The plant makes it possible to extract gas from the vegetables, and then exploit the gas for renewable energy production in the form of electricity, heat and cooling.

With a capacity of 3 MW the biogas plant is capable of producing 24 million kilowatt hours of electricity every year.

Staples Vegetables use a large part of the electricity production themselves, with any surplus being delivered as green electricity to the

National Grid, the equivalent of the yearly consumption of approximately 3,000 households.

A large part of the heat generated from the electricity production is used for cooling the company's vegetable stores by using an absorption chiller, and there is also sufficient surplus to heat the company offices during winter.

The digested biomass is turned into a valuable bio-fertiliser, rich in nitrogen, which will be replacing the mineral fertiliser used on Staples Vegetables' fields.

Satisfied customer

Owner of Staples Vegetables Vernon Read said:

"Energy is a major cost for our business and this new facility gives us control over future electricity prices along with security of supply. It also increases the sustainability of our farming and processing operations. Therefore, we have also just finalised our second biogas plant at our other production site, where we have built a large potato store which has a high energy demand. This plant will have the capacity to produce up to 2 MW."

Technical data

 Gas production: 11 mill. m3  
 Power output: 3 MW 
 Heat output: 2.3 MW 
 Feeding modules: 3 x FLEXFEED of 20 m3 each 
Digester capacity:  
Primary digester: 2 x 4,000 m3
Secondary digester: 1 x 4,000 m3
Heat storage tank: 100 m3
Gas boiler: 600 kW
Absorption chiller, cooling effect: 679 kW


Watch the video about Staples Vegetables here

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