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Xergi has over 25 years' experience in designing and building biogas plants based primarily on waste from livestock farming, and by-products and energy crops from arable farming.

Treatment of livestock manure from agricultural waste

Xergi's biogas plant is able to treat different types of manure, including

• Cattle slurry
• Pig slurry
• Poultry manure
• Farmyard manure

The large amounts of the nitrogen present in poultry manure inhibit the methane-producing bacteria in the biogas plant. 

Xergi's patented NiX®-technology reduces the nitrogen content and allows poultry manure to be treated. The remaining nitrogen can then be used as ammonium fertiliser.

The patented X-Chopper can pre-treat farmyard manure from e.g. cattle herds, thereby allowing the high gas potential in farmyard manure to be utilised.

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Plant feedstock for biogas production

Xergi's biogas plants can treat many different types of easily convertible plant feedstock:

• Clover, grass and other easily convertible biomasses from e.g. landscaping
• Energy crops such as maize and beets
• Residues from plant production, e.g. from vegetables
• Straw

Mix of manure, energy crops and other feedstock

Xergi's FLEXFEED® module is used to make a precise blending of different types of biomass and ensures a high level of gas production as well as stable biological processes in the digester.

FLEXFEED® makes it possible to combine easily convertible plant biomasses with e.g. manure or organic waste.

Furthermore, FLEXFEED® is used to ensure an optimal temperature and consequently optimal gas production in the digester in relation to the physical and chemical composition of the biomass that is being treated in the plant.

Getting started

We will be happy to invite you to an introductory meeting to discuss your potential project. Among other things, we can assist with calculating the gas potential in the feedstock you have available. The gas potential is used to calculate the size of the biogas plant. We can then assist with moving the process forward.

Xergi works with biogas projects throughout the entire process: Project development, project design, permits, construction, commissioning and operations.

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