Food waste

An increasing focus for biogas plants are treatment of food waste for biological treatment. 
Alternative treatment solutions such as landfill or incineration are not very feasible solutions anymore. Waste is being diverted from landfills all over the world, due to the environmental impact and the long-term cost for handling landfills. For incineration plants wet biomasses such as food waste reduce the burn value and are better handled by biogas plants.
Treatment of source separated food waste by anaerobic treatment in a biogas plant is the more sensible solution from an environmental and economical point of view.

Sources of food waste

Food is being wasted at very large volumes today.
FAO United Nations estimate that globally one third of the food produced is not consumed, but ends up as food waste. Every year there are 1.3 billion tons of food waste. Read more here:
There is food waste in every stage from farm to table.
Our plants receive biomasses sush as household waste, supermarket waste, waste from catering, restaurants, vegetable markets and other food waste. Read more about Xergi biogas plants in references.

High energy content

Source separated household waste is a high energy biomass for a biogas plant, and considered a very good source of biomass by Xergi. This makes will enable us to design a very compact and highly efficient biogas plant with a large production of renewable green energy to the electricity grid or to be used as biomethane.

Circular economy

Processing food waste in a biogas plant is the perfect example of a circular economy.
Food is produced by the agricultural industry. This is used by consumers, but some of it ends up as food waste, an Xergi biogas plant will process the food waste and produce digestate, which is an excellent fertilizer. The fertilizer will be returned to the agricultural industry for production of new food. Perfect!
This is a way of recycling food waste and the nutrients back to the soil. In addition, don’t forget in the recycling this organic waste, we produce a renewable energy. 
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