Biogas plant design and project development

Based on our experience, we have very good insights into what makes your biogas project feasible.
We will be your partner in developing the most profitable biogas plant. As a first step we will estimate the energy potential of the biomasses and help you find the best biomasses for your biogas plant. We will estimate the biogas plant cost and optimize the design of the biogas plant to your project.

Modular design

This is possible due to our modular design process, so every plant is based on standard designs put together in order to fit the specific project. This will keep the cost of the biogas plant low and the construction time short. 

High performance

Xergi will design the biogas plant in order for the gas production to be as efficient as possible and maintaining a high availability for the biogas plant. The anaerobic digester cost will be optimized to give the project the best return on investment.

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