Biogas experts

Xergi is a leader in biogas technology. We have achieved this position through 30 years in the biogas industry.
Today we leading in developing new technologies for improving the business case for biogas plant, and handling new biomasses. 

A skilled team

With more than 60 biogas plants as references, Xergi has built up a large field of expertise in all professional areas - including biology, chemistry, engineering physics, procurement and finance - necessary to ensure a successful biogas project.

In-house R&D team

Our research team is constantly working towards development of new technologies, and are offering biological support for plant operators and optimization of biogas performance. 
For new biogas plants our skilled team is able to simulate the co-digestion of many biomasses and optimize the best biogas process for the plant. Biomasses can be tested in-house in a biochemical methane potential (BMP) analysis. 
The Xergi research team is situated at the Danish Center for Agricultural Science, home of the world’s largest biogas test plant.


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