Xergi ready to meet the global waste management industry at IFAT in Munich

Meet Xergi at the world’s largest environmental fair! We are ready to provide sturdy and efficient solutions for biogas production based on food waste.

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Large Danish biogas plant well underway

Nature Energy Videbæk held a topping-out ceremony, marking a new milestone in the construction of Xergi’s largest biogas plant thus far.


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Xergi biogas plant wins the Sustainable Ireland Award

The biogas plant in Northern Ireland, Tully Quarry, close to the town of Ballymena, is currently producing biogas from 100 per cent chicken litter. At the awards ceremony Sustainable Ireland Awards, the unique Xergi project won the award for the year's best project in the energy production category.

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X-hopper® gets a new and more efficient design

Xergi's reception plant for pre-treatment of deep litter and other challenging biomasses is now being made more streamlined with a number of design and technological improvements. The result is a more even forward feeding of biomass, better capacity and lower operating costs.

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High quality bio-fertiliser from London’s food waste

The bio-fertiliser from Willen Biogas near London has now received the coveted British accreditation BSI PAS 110. The biogas plant produces biogas and bio-fertiliser from source separated food waste collected from the London area, and the quality stamp ensures that the bio-fertiliser from the plant can be used safely on farmland.

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Strong performance at French biogas plant

Since the establishment in 2016 the French biogas plant Méthelec has been a great success. A complete production line from Xergi delivers top performance in both preliminary treatment of deep litter as well as heat recovery and stable biogas production at a high level.

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