Biogas plant from Xergi wins award for best process optimisation

Xergi has solved a serious challenge in the biogas industry, namely how to produce biogas from 100 per cent chicken litter. The proof is Tully Biogas in Northern Ireland, which won an award for best process optimisation at an international biogas conference this summer.
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In July, Xergi and project developer Stream Bioenergy received the award for “Best Process Optimisation in AD” at the international biogas conference UK AD and World Biogas Expo 2018, held in Birmingham in England. The recipient of the award was the Northern Irish Tully Biogas project. 
“We are extremely pleased and proud to receive the award, which is one of the most prestigious in the international biogas industry. The award is recognition of the fact that Xergi has managed to create a solution that ensures a high level of biogas production based exclusively on chicken litter. This has so far been a major challenge for the global biogas industry,” says Jørgen Ballermann, CEO of Xergi. 
The challenge posed by chicken litter is the nitrogen content, which is so high that it can inhibit the bacteria that convert litter to biogas in the biogas plant.
To solve the problem, Xergi has developed and applied for a patent for NiX®, a technology that removes nitrogen from the chicken litter before it enters the biogas plant’s digester. 
”Tully Biogas was commissioned around the start of this year. It is one of the first plants in the world that produces biogas exclusively from chicken litter, and has also achieved very effective biogas production. It is of course very satisfactory to see that the NiX® technology works in practice on a large scale, as it creates a good basis for biogas production from chicken litter at many locations around the world,” says Jørgen Ballermann. 
Tully Biogas has the capacity to produce 3 MW of green electricity and to process 40,000 tonnes of chicken litter every year. 
In addition to green energy, the chicken litter is converted into green fertiliser in three fractions, which ensures optimum utilisation of the nutrients in the chicken litter. 
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