Large Danish biogas plant well underway

Nature Energy Videbæk held a topping-out ceremony, marking a new milestone in the construction of Xergi’s largest biogas plant thus far.


Videbaek rejsegilde 673x300px


The construction of the biogas plant ‘Nature Energy Videbæk’ is now so well underway that the topping-out ceremony was held in the processing buildings in early April. 

The plant is able to process 600,000 tonnes of biomass per year and an expected production of 16.5 million cubic metres of methane. Therefore, making this the largest plant that Xergi has built in its 30-year history of constructing biogas plants. 
“Construction is going well. As the topping-out ceremony implies, the processing building is now up and running as a raw material building. We have set-up 4 of the 5 digester tanks on the site, each of 9,500 cubic metres capacity. Work on the pipe installations is under way, and in a few weeks we will also start the electrical installations,” says Project Manager, Simon Madsen, from Xergi. 
He also expects the plant to be ready, as planned, to produce the first biogas in December 2018.
The topping-out ceremony was celebrated by, among others, Mayor Hans Østergaard from the Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality and Hans Henrik Dahl Andersen from Nature Energy, who is the majority shareholder in the plant. Similarly, the other shareholders, Arla, Farmers’ Association Videbæk Biogas and Xergi were represented. 
The topping-out ceremony took place on a cold spring day, so the company ended up moving “indoors” into one of the still empty digester tanks. 
The biogas plant at Videbæk will allow Arla to use green energy, which is partly produced using one of the company’s own waste products. Every year, a total of 40,000 tonnes of the by-product Perlac 14 will be degassed in the biogas plant.
The remaining 600,000 tonnes of biomass is manure and deep litter and a small amount of by-products from other industries. After digestion, the biomass is used as environmentally-friendly fertiliser for farming. 
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