More green gas in the British gas grid

The order for a new biogas plant for Brigg Lane Biogas Ltd in Bonby, North Lincolnshire marks Xergi’s 10th biogas plant in the UK.

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Brigg Lane Biogas Ltd in the town of Bonby has hired Xergi to build a new biogas plant that will convert up to 75,000 tonnes of food waste annually into green gas, which will then be distributed via the local gas grid. 

This will contribute to strengthening Xergi’s position as one of the leading suppliers of biogas plants on the British market.

“The project for Brigg Lane Biogas is our 10th delivery in the UK. Once the plant has been built, we will have supplied a total biogas capacity equivalent to 26 MWe in the UK, a figure that we are extremely proud of,” says CEO Jørgen Ballermann from Xergi. 

The 75,000 tonnes of food waste will be converted into 7 million cubic metres of biomethane annually. Biomethane is biogas that has been cleaned of CO2 to make it the same quality as natural gas. 
The biomass that is left after biogas production is a valuable fertiliser, which will be used on agricultural land in the area.

Brigg Lane Biogas will be located on the same site as Bio Waste Solutions, a company that already pre-treats food waste for biogas plants in other parts of the UK. Soon the food waste will be taken by the new biogas plant instead, thereby minimising transport. The biogas plant will also be able to take waste from other suppliers.

The new biogas plant also contributes to fulfilling the British government’s goal of increasing the amount of CO2-neutral biomethane in the gas grid.
The aim is for the first gas to be supplied to the gas grid in spring 2017. This is an extremely tight schedule for a biogas project of this size, which is why the ink on the contract hardly had time to dry before the excavators started digging in Bonby. 
For further information, contact 

CEO Jørgen Ballermann, Xergi – – tel. +45 99351600
Director James Lloyd, Brigg Lane Biogas – tel. +44 845 838 0735
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