New 24/7 Xergi biogas hotline

A biogas plant must run both day and night all year round to provide the best possible gas production. Therefore, Xergi is now offering its customers a 24 hours hotline service all year round.
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If a pump stops running or a sensor is out of order, the problem must be solved as soon as possible – also on a Friday night or a Sunday morning. Consequently, Xergi is now offering a 24 hours hotline service where biogas customers can call for advice to have their problems solved immediately.
When Xergi builds a biogas plant, an online connection is established to the plant to enable the engineers at the head office in Denmark to monitor/supervise the operation in detail, such as pumps, valves and sensors. 
“Based on the information we get from our monitoring and control systems we can guide the staff on-site on how to solve the problems, and we are at the same time able to make adjustments to the control of the plant, if required,” explains Karsten Klit, after sales manager at Xergi. 
Experience shows that with the right guidance the operating staff at the biogas plants can solve most of the problems themselves. In this way the cooperation between Xergi’s staff and the customer’s operating staff ensures that the biogas plant is operated in the best possible way.
“Our customers requested a 24 hours’ support, and of course we would like to meet the demand of our customers. Furthermore, it is also in our own interest to ensure that the biogas plants that we deliver all over the world are performing optimally all the time,” states Karsten Klit.
The number to the hotline is +45 30 94 86 27.
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