Three biogas plants delivered to the same customer within one year

Food waste and livestock manure are being transformed into biogas and green fertiliser at the biogas plant NGF Nature Energy Midtfyn, which was inaugurated on 8 April this year. This means that Xergi has now supplied three highly modern biogas plants to Danish NGF Nature Energy in less than one year. 

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The new biogas plants will supply 11 million cubic metres of biomethane every year, which corresponds to the heat consumption of 7,000 Danish households.

"With the plant in Midtfyn we have now delivered three super modern biogas plants to NGF Nature Energy in less than one year. We are really proud of the fact that the three plants combined increase Danish production of green energy by 30-35 million cubic metres of biomethane a year and also supplies local farmers with a valuable, green fertiliser," says CEO Jørgen Ballermann from Xergi.

The two earlier biogas plants are NGF Nature Energy Nordfyn, which was inaugurated in January this year, while the largest plant NGF Nature Energy Holsted was delivered in August 2015.

Super modern plants with international edge

Biogas typically contains about 40 % CO2. At NGF Nature Energy Midtfyn, the CO2 is removed from the biogas and the remaining gas is by and large pure methane. Therefore the word 'biomethane'. The plant at Midtfyn sells biomethane into the natural gas grid.

NGF Nature Energy Midtfyn will come to treat 250,000 tonnes of slurry from cattle, pigs and mink, 60,000 tonnes of food waste, partly from supermarkets and large canteens, and 50,000 tonnes of deep litter and energy crops annually.

All of it will be transformed, partly into green energy in the form of biogas and partly into an environmentally-friendly fertiliser product.

The plant is supplied with a number of super modern technologies, which Xergi has spent several years developing and trimming in connection with the construction of biogas projects, primarily in the UK, France, USA and Sweden.

"The many biogas projects we have delivered internationally have placed Xergi among the best plant manufacturers on the international market. Not least, this has sharpened our focus on delivering customised biogas plants of high quality that deliver the guaranteed energy production and with a high 'return on investment'," explains Jørgen Ballermann.

Customers buy more biogas plants from Xergi

"The fact that more customers place orders with us for their second and third plant, can only be seen as a clear sign of recognition that we have satisfied customers, who experience that we work seriously towards delivering the projects, and that we follow them right to the door – even when problems arise along the way," says Jørgen Ballermann. 

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