X-hopper® gets a new and more efficient design

Xergi's reception plant for pre-treatment of deep litter and other challenging biomasses is now being made more streamlined with a number of design and technological improvements. The result is a more even forward feeding of biomass, better capacity and lower operating costs.


Xergi is now launching a new version of X-hopper®, which is a reception plant for deep litter and other biomass. 

"Over the last three to four years, the X-hopper®, X-belt® and X-chopper® production lines have been in operation in a number of European biogas plants. Gradually, many tonnes of biomass have passed through, and we have now turned the experiences from these plants into a new and more streamlined version of X-hopper®", says development engineer from Xergi, Henrik Kjeldgaard Hansen. 

Better flow and less effort

The new design gives a more even and uniform tearing of deep litter. In addition, a change has been made to the feeding system, which also contributes to a more even flow of biomass up to the X-chopper®. 
A better monitoring system means that operating staff do not need to continuously monitor the amount of biomass that is supplied to the X-hopper®. 
"Overall, the result is a renewed X-hopper®, which improves finances by optimising the capacity utilisation of the X-chopper® and reducing the time spent on operations and maintenance. At the same time, we save a little on the power consumption in relation to the amount of biomass that comes through," explains Henrik Kjeldgaard Hansen.



How does the X-chopper® production line work?

X-hopper® receives and tears up the deep litter so that it does not cling together further along in the system. X-hopper® delivers the biomass on the X-belt®, which feeds the material into the X-chopper®. The latter crushes the biomass so that the bacteria in the biogas plant can convert the biomass to biogas and green fertilizer faster.
Watch our video about the X-chopper® production line here
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