Xergi delivers its first X-chopper® to the United Kingdom

The robust X-chopper® from Xergi will, among other things, pre-treat grass silage and vegetable waste products to be used in the new biogas plant at Beeswax Farming near Boston. Introducing this new technology to the British market will boost the potential to exploit green waste products and biomass in the production of green energy and biofertilizer. 

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X-chopper®, Xergi's efficient pre-treatment technology for difficult biomasses, is now introduced to the British market.

"Since the autumn of 2014, we have worked on the setting up of a biogas plant at Beeeswax Farming near Boston. The plant also includes the X-chopper®, Xergi's technology for pre-treating difficult biomasses. This is the first time we deliver this product to the British market," says Xergi Country Manager Jørgen Fink.

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X-chopper® is designed to separate biomass such as that characterised by long and strong fibres, making them difficult to utilise in a biogas reactor. The separation also helps to avoid fibre clogs in pipes and pumps.

More green energy and biofertilizer

The construction of the biogas plant at Beeswax Farming is now complete and the plant is being commissioned. The plant is designed to treat maize silage, grass silage, vegetable waste products and other agricultural products.

The biogas produced by the plant will be utilised in the production of electricity, and the residual biomass will be sold as biofertilizer. The electric capacity of the plant is 3 MW.

Introducing X-chopper® to the British market boosts the potential for exploiting green waste products and difficult biomasses for biogas production.

”There is no doubt that X-chopper® can contribute to increased production of green energy as well as environmentally friendly fertilizer products in the United Kingdom,” Jørgen Fink declares.

Thoroughly proven technology

Analyses of the biomass market conducted by Xergi have demonstrated that robust biomass separation technology can make significant amounts of biomass available to the biogas plants.

As a result, Xergi has developed X-chopper®  for this very purpose.

"The technology is well proven and has shown very strong results both in France and Denmark. Most recently, we have also supplied X-chopper® to a biogas plant in the USA,” says Jørgen Fink.

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