Xergi expands its presence in Asia

Sumitomo Seika Chemicals Co. new partner for Japan

Xergi has launched a new partnership for addressing the attractive market for renewable energy in Japan. During the past few years Xergi has seen a good potential for establishing biogas plants for handling organic waste materials and producing renewable energy in Japan.

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“We are happy to announce, that we have teamed up with Sumitomo Seika to be able to address the market in Japan, so now we are able to offer full turnkey solutions for the Japanese market” says Jørgen Ballermann, CEO of Xergi.

Sumitomo Seika is a strong player in the Japanese market, and is already experienced within the gas industry.

The cooperation between Sumitomo Seika and Xergi will utilise the synergies between Sumitomo Seika’s gas engineering know-how in Japan and Xergi’s internationally leading biogas technology platform.

Major growth region

Asia is considered a major growth region in the biogas industry. Xergi has over a period been focusing on addressing the market in Asia, and several countries are currently being targeted.

In Japan the demand for a stable supply of renewable energy into the grid is a very important element in the development of the biogas industry, and Xergi is pleased to contribute the conversion of the energy supply into renewable, while our projects also contribute to community development and prevention of global warming.

Furthermore biogas is increasingly being considered the right choice of technology for an environmental friendly and sustainable solution for waste handling of organic waste.

Japanese strong start

The cooperation with Sumitomo Seika is already off to a good start, and the pipeline of projects is very strong.

There is a strong demand for the full line of products which Xergi offers together with Sumitomo Seika: Full turnkey biogas plants, design and engineering, procurement and construction, together with full support for project development, plant start-up and commissioning, supply of spare parts and service packages such as operations and maintenance, surveillance, and biological support.

About Sumitomo Seika Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Sumitomo Seika is a chemical company offering products with unique functions.

The company's flagship products are super absorbent polymers for disposable diapers, polymer products for cosmetics, electronics gases for liquid crystal and LED, fine chemicals for pharmaceutical intermediates, oxygen gas generators for steel manufacturers, and many other products.

Sumitomo Seika has identified the domain “environment and energy" as a focus area for news business creation in the future.The company is promoting the development of such products for various industries that make people's lives easier while paying attention to quality, environment, and safety. Sumitomo Seika had approximately 87 billion yen in revenue in fiscal 2015, with 1,196 employees.

About Xergi A/S

Xergi is a leading supplier of advanced turnkey biogas plants. The company has extensive experience working in the biogas industry for more than 30 years, specializing in large scale plants, with any mix of feed stock, including food waste, straw, chicken manure, swine and cow manure, deep litter, crop residue, and industrial organic waste.

Xergi had approximately 53 million euro in revenue in 2015, with 80 employees.

For further information:

Sumitomo Seika Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Engineering and System Department


Xergi A/S

Jørgen Ballermann, CEO

+45 2527 9436

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