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Xergi biogas systems help to achieve local targets for the environment, climate and economy

Xergi biogas plants primarily treat local resources like animal manure, waste and other organic materials, converting them into green energy and sustainable fertiliser products.

In this way we help public authorities to create better and greener ways of using resources from the local community, and similarly, we help to promote local investments and workplaces.

Better utilisation of local resources

Xergi biogas plants help to utilise local resources for production of

• Green electricity
• Green heating in public offices, businesses and private households
• Biogas for use in urban buses, home-care service cars and in the private transport sector
• Biogas for use in industrial production
• Green fertiliser products for local farms and market gardens

Climate targets, environment and economy

Xergi biogas systems solve several problems in one go.

The plants help to achieve several of society's targets for the climate and environment and economy, for example:

• Reductions in the emission of greenhouse gases, from energy production, agriculture and waste disposal
• Better exploitation and recirculation of nutrients
• Less impact from nutrients on the water environment
• Less imported fertiliser
• Promoting local investments and workplaces in the energy sector, logistics and green industry

High quality biogas systems

Xergi has more than 25 years' experience of designing and building high quality biogas systems. We have developed plant designs that ensure great flexibility, high energy output and stable operation.

Getting started

We will be happy to invite you to an introductory meeting to discuss your potential project. Among other things, we can assist with calculating the gas potential in the feedstock you have available. The gas potential is used to calculate the size of the biogas plant. We can then assist with moving the process forward.

Xergi works with biogas projects throughout the entire process: Project development, project design, permits, construction, commissioning and operations.

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