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New opportunities from green energy production

Xergi biogas plants treat organic material, which is converted into green energy and fertiliser.

We help you to set up new sustainable energy production, which can help you to develop your business as an energy supplier.

Xergi biogas plants can utilise the biogas for energy production in a CHP (combined heat and power) plant, but the gas can also be upgraded to natural gas quality and injected into a gas grid.

High energy production and stable operation

Xergi has more than 25 years' experience of designing and building high quality biogas plants. We have developed plant designs that ensure great flexibility, high energy output and stable operation.

Our biogas systems are designed to handle many different types of biomass. Thus it is possible to regulate and optimise gas production and reduce dependency on one particular type of biomass to a minimum.A chance to develop your market position.

With Xergi's biogas systems you can enhance your position on the market by:

• Positioning yourselves on one of the important energy platforms of the future
• Increasing green gas production to replace fossil natural gas
• Reducing dependency on fossil fuel prices
• Obtaining a greater spread of risk through greater diversity in energy production

Strengthen your green profile!

When animal manure, waste and other organic materials are converted into energy, you will be able to strengthen the company's green profile.

You can do that for instance through

• Reduced emission of greenhouse gases
• Recycling waste and residual products
• Increased recirculation of nutrients
• Lower quantities of nutrients discharged to the water environment

Getting started

We will be happy to invite you to an introductory meeting to discuss your potential project. Among other things, we can assist with calculating the gas potential in the feedstock you have available. The gas potential is used to calculate the size of the biogas plant. We can then assist with moving the process forward.

Xergi works with biogas projects throughout the entire process: Project development, project design, permits, construction, commissioning and operations.

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