Waste management

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Xergi's biogas plant ensures an efficient utilisation of the energy present in organic waste, while also allowing valuable nutrients to be recirculated into agricultural soil.

This makes Xergi's technology ideal for companies looking for new green and sustainable solutions in the field of waste treatment.

Treatment of waste

A biogas plant from Xergi ensures an efficient processing and treatment of organic waste, including:

  • Waste products from dairies, breweries, slaughterhouses, garden centres (nurseries), etc.
  • Waste and food residue from the food processing industry
  • Supermarket overstock and other organic waste
  • Sorted organic household waste

Pasteurisation of waste

Xergi's FLEXFEED® technology ensures that waste that could potentially contain pathogenic substances is pasteurised, so that the treated waste product can be used as a safe fertiliser product.

Mix of different types of feedstock

FLEXFEED® also takes into account the mix of different types of biomass, so that the biological processes in the biogas plant are stable and provide a high gas production.

Xergi's technology gives the opportunity for mixing waste with e.g. manure and energy crops, with a view to ensuring an adequate capacity and supply of biomass to the plant.

Getting started

We will be happy to invite you to an introductory meeting to discuss your potential project. Among other things, we can assist with calculating the gas potential in the feedstock you have available. The gas potential is used to calculate the size of the biogas plant. We can then assist with moving the process forward.

Xergi works with biogas projects throughout the entire process: Project development, project design, permits, construction, commissioning and operations.

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